UNASL Distributes Dry Rations to those affected as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic

As a result of the numerous requests from the Public, the UNA SRI LANKA commenced the distribution of Packs of Dry Rations donated by one of our Special Life Member Mr. M.S.M. Shameel. These were distributed mainly among families of daily wage earners and Tuk Tuk drivers who are the most affected due to the curfew and lockdown situation in the country.

Upto today (16th April 2020) 1500 Dry Ration packs have been distributed in Colombo, Panadura and its suburbs. The items consisted of: 5 Kgs. Keeri Samba Rice, 1 Kg. Mysoor Dhal, 1 Kg. Sugar, 2 Kgs. Flour, 1 Kg. B Onions, 2 Tins Mackerel, TVP, Coconuts, etc. and a pack of 12 Vegetables) Valued at over Rs.3,500/= each.

This donation was initiated by Dr. M.M.M. Rushanudeen, Executive Chairperson of UNASL, at the request of Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Sri Lanka Mr. Errol Smith.

Mr. Dharmadasa Vitharanage, Assistant Treasurer/Editor of the UNASL also played a major role in the collection and distribution of these food items.

This was indeed a great humanitarian project sphere headed by Mr. Errol Smith, Secretary General of UNASL.
The value of the items distributed so far is in the region of well over Rs.5 Million.

The second phase of this project is expected to commence on 20th April 2020, to distribute another 1500 Dry Rations packs.