International Women’s Day – 2024 was commemorated by the United Nations Association of Sri Lanka on Sunday, 9th March, 2024 at the MJF Foundation Center in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

This Multi-Service Project was organized by the Secretary-General of the Association, Errol Smith.

The President of the UN Association of Sri Lanka Mohamed Zawahir addressed the audience on the topic – Breaking the Workplace Barriers on Women’s Day – 2024.

He spoke on many important and significant aspects related to Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Challenges faced by Women, Safety of Women and Girls, etc. He further elaborated on women’s discrimination, cultural environment, diversity, leadership opportunities, advocacy and empowerment.

Dr. Upali Marasinghe made a presentation on Physical and Mental Health of women in the current context as well as malnutrition which are affecting the health condition, particularly of women and girls.

Dr. (Mrs.) Charika Marasinghe spoke on Women and Children and shared her valuable experiences among those present, which was highly appreciated.

Baby Cheramy Gift Packs valued at over Rs.2,500/= each were distributed to the beneficiaries with the courtesy of Hemas Holdings Ltd.,

A Western Medical Clinic was conducted and medicines as well as vitamins were provided free of charge. Further, a Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screening Program was also conducted.

There were many other facilities such as a session on beauty culture, cookery demonstrations, mobile salon, ayurvedic treatment, etc., as well as music and entertainment which added glamour to the event and the women enjoyed thoroughly at least for a moment. One could clearly see the happiness illuminating from their faces.

The audience which numbered over 250 people were all served with breakfast, refreshments and lunch which was sponsored by the Merril J Fernando Foundation.

Project Chairman, Errol Smith, Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Sri Lanka commented that the project was a tremendous success which profusely benefited the large number of women present.